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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Home Remedies with Ajwain

carom seeds
Home Remedies with Ajwain 
Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi), also known as carom seeds, is a small, erect, much branched, annual shrub of the coriander family. The dry seeds of the plant are harvested in the form of ajwain seeds. The seeds are egg-shaped having five ridges with a depression in the middle. These greenish-brown seeds are aromatic, tingling and slightly bitter.

It has been cultivated in India from ancient times, largely in Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. It is also extensively grown in other countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Egypt.

Ajwain seeds have been traditionally used as a spice, in flavoring numerous foods, as anti-oxidants, preservative and as medicine in Ayurveda. Some valuable Unani medicines are also prepared from its seeds. 
In this post, let’s learn about some simple and effective remedies with Ajwain for curing common health ailments-
  • To treat indigestion, boil a tsp of seeds in a glass of water. Filter and add a pinch of rock salt to the filtrate. This preparation can be administered to cure diarrhea, dysentery, indigestion, colic and flatulence.
  • Gargling mouth with the ajwain water helps in curing toothache.
  • Taking a tsp of the seeds with buttermilk is known to relieve congestion due to formation of phlegm. This remedy is also effective in bronchitis.
  • Dry cough can be cured by chewing betel leaf and ajwain seeds.
  • Administering a mixture of ajwain seeds, black sesame and jaggery (twice daily) helps in treating the bed wetting problems among kids.
  • Application of ajwain seeds oil (mixed with carrier oil) is said to cure rheumatic swelling and pain. Alternatively, one can boil ajwain seeds in water and expose the affected parts to its vapors.
  • Sniffing powdered seeds wrapped in a tissue paper or thin cloth or even inhaling the fumes of ajwain helps reduce migraine headache.
  • To improve digestion and cure acidity, mix ½ tsp of ajwain seeds with cumin seeds and take it with lukewarm water.
  • Having a tsp of ajwain seeds with warm water on an empty stomach, or taking ½ tsp of seeds with jaggery is useful in relieving chest pain.
  • Ajwain seed helps in purifying blood as well as reducing back pain during pregnancy.
  • Ajwain is given to pregnant women with jaggery (gur) to improve digestion and ward off constipation. It is also believed to improve breast milk production in lactating mothers. One should be careful of not eating too much of this seed as it is known to increase the heat in the body and cause problems with the pregnancy.
  • Topical application of ajwain seeds paste in curd helps in curing scars, acne, blackheads and blemishes on skin.
  • Sprinkling Ajwain paste and mustard oil in the corners of the room can prove to be a good and effective mosquito repellent.
  • For weight loss, boil a tsp of Ajwain seeds in a litre of water. Allow it to cool, strain and sip on this liquid through the day. By speeding up your metabolism and relieving you of any indigestion, this would help you shed weight much faster.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Home Remedies for Migraine

Home Remedies for Migraine
A migraine is a severe headache that is often exacerbated by a number of factors, such as stress, diet, lack of sleep, and even exposure to extreme climatic conditions. It results from a combination of blood vessel enlargement and the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around the blood vessels in the brain. 

Migraine activates the sympathetic nervous system that controls automatic responses to stress and pain. The activation of this response leads to the symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. When trying to combat migraine attack, it is important to treat the underlying causes of the pain as well as to treat the symptoms of the attack.
Find in this post, certain simple and effective natural remedies to treat Migraine.
  • To treat the symptoms of migraine, put a single drop of pure peppermint oil on the tongue. Massage it on the part of the head that hurts. Peppermint oil is as an effective aid against vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.
  • Sniffing powdered seeds or the root bark of siris helps control migraine.
  • Eating ginger or having a hot cup of ginger tea with basil leaves is also said to provide soothing relief from pain. Also, chamomile or mint tea works wonders.
  • Henna flowers have found to be beneficial in providing relief from head pain. Dip the flowers in vinegar and rub them on the forehead to ease migraine.
  • Prepare carrot juice combined with beetroot, cucumber and spinach. Take this preparation for migraine pain relief.
  • Drinking fresh juice of ripe grapes is also said to be effective for migraine.
  • cabbage compress can relieve the pressure of the migraine. Just take several cabbage leaves and make a compress and lay on your head.
  • Massaging the tensed muscles with tea tree oil will not only make the person feel good but will also relieve migraine.
  • Cold compress is thought to relieve the migraine pain. Placing an ice pack at the nape of the neck or surrounding the head with an ice wrap can help reduce inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain, relieving the primary cause of Migraine.
  • Lie down with your face-up and your head hanging off the edge. Keep your legs elevated to allow the blood circulate to the affected area. Use this in combination with ice therapy to immediately reduce inflammation of the blood vessels.
  • Applying a paste of jayphal on the area where migraine has surfaced, subside the pain.
  • The most effective and safe natural medicine is butterbur, also known as petasites. It is available in pill form at the stores and is very effective in treating migraine pain.
  • A hot shower is also said to give relief from head pain. Vinegar or Hydrogen peroxide can be added to water bath to relieve tensed muscles.
  • Lie down in a dark room for instant relief as bright light makes the headache worst.

Have a hot cuppa ginger tea to relieve pain 
To combat migraine, eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of exercise and sleep. Avoid smoking and Alcohol. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration! Migraine can be a result of dehydration, as sweating excessively and heat can trigger migraine attacks. Taking a complex combination of B Vitamins, particularly Vitamin B2 (400 milligrams a day) and B6, in diet or as supplement helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

Take vitamins every day for best results. Vitamins will help you stay healthy and migraine-free. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are believed to be effective in reducing the intensity and the frequency of migraine attacks.Taking magnesium in diet or as supplement (at a dose of 400 - 600 milligrams/day) is believed to be effective for menstrual-associated migraines and migraines associated with auras. Take caution that Magnesium may cause diarrhea, if you take too much. Also, consuming CoEnzyme Q10 (300 mg/ day) has proven to be effective in reducing migraine pain.

A regular exercise is always recommended to migraine sufferers. Breathing exercises are quite helpful in providing relief. Every time you feel a migraine coming, begin taking long, slow and deep breaths. As you take deep breaths, allow all the tension to flow out of your body. Learn to cope up with day to day stress and anxiety. Get an adequate amount of sleep each night. By implementing a few healthy changes in your daily habits, and taking advantage of these beneficial natural remedies, you may look forward to a migraine-free life.
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